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Our Family Story

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Welcome to the world of Bimbly,

a brand that embodies the core values of authenticity, ambition, adaptability, and continuous curiosity. I'm Karim, and together with Rawan, my wife, who is a passionate lawyer with a psychology background as well as a conscious parenting coach, we have crafted Bimbly with our own hands and hearts.

Our journey as parents to three amazing children has taught us the essence of creating adaptable, high-quality products that evolve alongside children’s growth. Our experiences across the globe have enriched us with an appreciation for diversity, creativity, and excellence — the very principles that Bimbly is built upon.

With Rawan’s background in psychology, we’ve designed Bimbly’s offerings to not just entertain, but more importantly, to foster the emotional and physical development of children. Every product is a testament to our belief in a family-oriented approach, where our own children play a crucial role in shaping the designs, ensuring they resonate with kids authentically.

At Bimbly, quality is never compromised. We meticulously choose only the best materials, ensuring safety, durability, and sustainability. Our products are more than just items; they are stories of adventure, growth, and familial love.

Embark on this journey with Bimbly, where every piece is a step towards enriching the lives of children and families globally. Your presence in the Bimbly family is valued and cherished. Thank you for choosing a path of joyful learning and quality experiences with us.”


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